Paul Spencer

Illustrator, Front-end Developer, Performer &


Paul Spencer is an illustrator, designer & front end-developer with a bachelor of Interactive Digital Design. He currently works along side the talented people at Humaan where he spends his days building user-friendly, bespoke websites and drinking far too much coffee.

In his spare time, Paul creates graphic novels which he sells at conventions and online through his company Guardian Comics. In his spare, spare time, Paul also enjoys performing in musicals at local amateur clubs and singing in corporate & public events as a solo vocalist.

He is based in Perth, Western Australia where he shares his life with his girlfriend Katie and cocker spaniel fur babies, Ben & Lola.

Fun Facts

When I was a kid, I loved origami and went ape shit crazy an origami dinosaur book. It combined two of my favourite things; dinosaurs and origami. Mind. Blown. There was one dinosaur that I couldn't figure out how to make. It took months but when I finally got that sucker I never forgot and can now make this guy on command.

My graduation photo has me sporting an awesome beard, I loved it! It made me look at least 35% smarter than I actually am. At least! I didn't just grow it for shits and gigs though, I affectionally called it my 'jesus beard' because at the time I was playing Jesus in a musical. I also discovered that combing a beard feels amazing!

I'm somewhat addicted to karaoke. Don't ask me why; I can't tell you. There's something to be said about the difference between singing well and singing fun. I love the freedom of singing fun! I'm particularly fond of 'I believe in a thing called love' by the Darkness, Especially the (air) guitar solo. That's my jam!

I once had a job as a projectionist at a cinema complex. One day while working I had a phone call from downstairs where there had been a great deal of complaints from cinema 5. It seemed that parents were mortified when instead of a kids movie I had accidentally exposed them to the movie 'Saw II'. Whoops!


Paul has been addicted to the visual storytelling medium since he was very young and has self published seven comic books that are available online at Guardian Comics.

Additionally, he also illustrates for commercial clients and is available as a freelance illustrator for any projects that require a cartoon or western style.

Recent illustrations

Design / Front-end

For the past four years, Paul has had the pleasure of working on a wide range of projects with the incredible team at Humaan.

Unfortunately Paul is not taking on any active freelance work, but is willing to work on any fun collaborative projects if the idea is right. Feel free to get in touch if you have such an idea.

Recent design and development work


Paul first discovered his love for performing after being cast in an amateur musical production. He’s since gone on to star in leading roles in nine productions as well as singing at cabarets, variety nights and corporate functions. He recently wrote about his experience with theatre on the humaan blog.

Paul is available for corporate and solo performances and has a few audio recordings on sound cloud.


Voice High Baritone - Musical Theatre - Classical

Accents Australian, American, Spanish


2013 Vocal Training (Ronald Macqueen)

2011 Vocal Training WAAPA (Aaron Hales)


  • Evita - Che / Koorliny Arts Centre (dir. Stephen Carr)
  • Perth Christmas Nativity - Angel Gabrielle / Perth (dir. Marina Prior)
  • MPAC Christmas Show - Guest Soloist / MPAC (dir. Carole Dhu)
  • HESS Rocky Horror Picture Show - Brad / Victoria Hall (dir. Manuao TeAotonga)
  • The Tyler/Woods Holiday Special - Performer / Playlovers (dir. Tyler Jacob Jones)
  • Home Style Cabaret - Soloist / Perth (Various) (dir. Tyler Jacob Jones)
  • The Phantom of the Opera - Phantom / MPAC (dir. Karen Francis)
  • Nevermore - Poe / Playlovers (dir. Jenny Friend)
  • Nine - Guido Contini / Roleystone Theatre (dir. Paul Treasure)
  • Guys & Dolls - Sky Masterson / MPAC (dir. Carole Dhu)
  • Jesus Christ Superstar - Jesus / Koorliney, Bunbury, MPAC (dir. Karen Francis)
  • The Producers - Leo Bloom / MMDC (dir. Carole Dhu)
  • Sleeping Beauty - Ensemble / MPAC (dir. Darren Bradley)
  • The Pirate of Penzance - Frederick / MPAC (dir. Paul Treasure)

Get in touch

Please get in touch if you’d like to talk to Paul about potential work or just to say hi. That’s cool too.